September 2014
Bringing Earth observation to the everyday user

Using satellites for improving the exploitation of water resources is just one of the innovative ideas developed over the week-long 'camp' dedicated to creating mobile apps drawing on EO data ...

September 2014
Radar vision maps Napa Valley earthquake

Sentinel-1A has added yet another string to its bow. Radar images from this fledgling satellite have been used to map the rupture caused by the biggest earthquake that has shaken northern California in 25 years. ...

August 2014
Sentinel-1 – Earth's topography as a coloured pattern

The radar system on board the European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel-1A satellite has been imaging Earth's surface in 250-kilometre swathes since April 2014. ...

August 2014
Sentinel-1 poised to monitor motion

Although it was only launched a few months ago and is still being commissioned, the new Sentinel-1A radar satellite has already shown that it can be used to generate 3D models of Earth’s surface and will be able to closely monitor land and ice surface deformation. ...



The Awards Ceremony and complementing Satellite Masters Conference.

Since 2011, the annual Copernicus Masters competition is awarding prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. In the 2014 Copernicus Masters competition, participants could choose from various topic specific challenges. Submission was possible from 15 April to 20 July 2014, all completed proposals are undergoing evaluation at the moment.

With the ideas database now closed, the competition is entering its evaluation phase. International experts from industry, research, and politics are entrusted with evaluating the ideas submitted and will assess all complete entries against a number of criteria. All winners will be in the running for the grand prize of EUR 20,000 ...



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