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Become a sponsoring partner and discover innovative solutions from all over the world: The sponsoring partner chooses a topic which he would like to have addressed by the participants. This could either generate a set of innovative applications to exploit the partner's technologies or address a specific problem. The submitted business ideas provide added value services in manifold economic fields: such as environment protection, climate, renewable energies and mobile applications. By awarding a prize for an own topic-specific Challenge as part of the Copernicus Masters, the partner will benefit on three levels:
  • Innovation
  • Promotion
  • Networking
If you are interested in becoming a prize awarding partner and thus supporting the Copernicus Masters please contact us at:

Get introduced to the world's leading Earth observation community who is ready and waiting to help you.

Learn more about ESA's business incubation centers which work to inspire entrepreneurs to turn space-connected business ideas into commercial companies, and provide technical expertise and business-development support at currently 16 European locations.

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