Smart Voice Recognition: Wave 1.0 now available in the App Store

The Seamless Cities App Camp 2014 and ESA App Challenge 2015 winner, Wave, is now officially available in the App store. This represents a huge step in the development of the innovative iOS voice assistant application. Wave is specialised in providing intuitive and wide-ranging information of a customised smart city guide for the city of Vienna that fits in any pocket.

The special benefits it offers comprise information about city bikes, Car2Go, tram and buses in real-time and via voice recognition. Wave combines the use of Earth observation satellite data with in-situ data, in order to offer a customised pocked sized city guide. Thereby the application provides additional information, including environmentally friendly means of public transport, accessibility and air quality, relying on open source data. In regards to accessibility, the assistant application enables its services to impaired people by reading the requested information out loud.

Wave is continuously working on integrating even more EO satellite data to make the application even more efficient and informative through open data. Currently the developers are working on the function of calculating bike routes.

The initiative "Offene Öffis" - meaning open public transport - which Wave founder Patrick Wolowicz established together with Robert Harm 2013 focuses on providing open data regarding public transport. This initiative had significant influence on making the data of Vienna's public transport services available and the development of Wave possible.

Copernicus Masters
Earth observation and the big data it produces hold huge potential for the creation of innovative products and services. Myriad industries and areas of public interest stand to profit from the advances of the Copernicus programme. On behalf of ESA, AZO and its world-class partners launched the Copernicus Masters in 2011 as part of its mission to foster user uptake of Copernicus Services.

This international competition annually awards prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. Since its inception, the Copernicus Masters has evolved into a unique global initiative for Earth observation by bundling a wide variety of knowledge and expertise. The submission phase for the 2016 edition will run from 15 April to 18 July.


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