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The 2016 Copernicus Masters edition once again is in search of ground breaking ideas, inventors and entrepreneurs that use Earth observation data for business and society-related purposes. This year's competition takes big data from space, within the T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud Challenge, to the next level. Read more about this great opportunity, get inspired by former winners, and get ready for the 2016 #CopernicusMasters and its fantastic prizes. Become part of the leading innovation platform for commercial Earth observation applications!

Your Copernicus Masters Team
Handling Big Data from Space with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing facilitates the commercial use of big data, especially from space. This development is also a major benefit for startups and inventors, due to the fact that these technologies are not only open to institutes and large corporations exclusively anymore. Innovative entrepreneurs can rely on huge amounts of data and implement those into their business idea or service ...
Accept the Challenge - Sign up by 13 June for the T-Systems Challenge

This year's T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud Challenge is seeking for Copernicus-relevant solutions that provide benefits and innovation for the European citizens and industry. Submit your application or service idea, and win assistance in getting your project off the ground ...
Success Stories
rasdaman Proves Success by using Big Data from Space

The T-Systems Big Data Challenge winner 2014 elevated the profile of Science SQL and that of rasdaman itself. Now, the collaboration of rasdaman GmbH and T-Systems International GmbH focusses on big data, remote sensing, and other data service projects ...
Astrosat Manages the Jungle of Malaysia with Data from Space

The space science and management company Stevenson Astrosat Ltd. and Copernicus Masters winner 2015 was invited to make the effectiveness of its revolutionary Recovery and Protection in Disaster (RAPID) system evident to the Malaysian government in field conditions ...
Additional Opportunities
Join the #1 Space Incubator!

We seek entrepreneurs using space technologies in a non-space environment. That doesn't mean rocket science, but applies to multiple application fields. So letīs see how much space is hidden in your innovative business idea! Apply now and receive EUR 50K funding ...
Featured Events
Join the Copernicus Master & ESNC Info Day on 2 June @ European Space Solutions

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the opportunities offered by Europe's largest innovation competitions for Satellite Navigation (ESNC) and Earth Observation (Copernicus Masters) by joining the dedicated side session of the European Space Solutions ...

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