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Having received a total of more than 900 ideas from over 70 countries to date, the Copernicus Masters has evolved into the leading international ideas competition for the next generation of Earth observation applications. Since 2011, it has recognised each year's most promising and revolutionary innovations and business concepts. Last night, the most forward-thinking EO-applications 2016 have been awarded in Madrid. Meet this year's outstanding winners!

Your Copernicus Masters Team
Copernicus Masters Overall Winner 2016
T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud Challenge
Smart Data Access for All - Pathbreaking web service Sentinel Hub wins 2016 Copernicus Masters competition

On 25 October 2016, this year's winners of the renowned Earth observation competition Copernicus Masters were recognised by high-ranking industry and institutional representatives before an international audience in Madrid. Taking home the grand prize was the team around Grega Milcinski from Slovenia's Sinergise Ltd., whose Sentinel Hub - a cloud-based web service for satellite data - convinced the expert jury. More

Grega Milcinski and Team, Sinergise Ltd., Slovenia
Challenge Winners 2016
University Challenge
SpaceToPlace - EO to Empower UNESCO Site Managers

SpaceToPlace helps spread the rich World Heritage of our planet, prevents UNESCO sites from becoming endangered, and promotes future pathways for their development with regard to the implementation of UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More

Prof Dr Alexander Siegmund and Team, Heidelberg University of Education & Heidelberg University, Germany
ESA App Challenge
SnapPlanet - The Social Network for Earth Observation

SnapPlanet is a social network with the aim to harness the use of Earth observation data to address individual, societal, environmental and economic needs through user- and community-oriented services. More

Jérôme Gasperi, Jeobrowser, France
DLR Environment, Energy and Health Challenge
Viridian Raven - Risk Analysis to Prevent Insect Outbreaks

Viridian Raven offers a solution to help combat insect outbreaks that threaten to destroy stocks of trees. Using data from the Sentinel satellites, it provides an early warning system for forest managers. More

Wendy Mensink and Team, The Netherlands
Sustainable Living Challenge by the Satellite Applications Catapult
EnviroSAR© - Managing Wildfire Disturbance in Moorlands and Heathlands

EnviroSAR is a targeted service for peat moorland and heathland restoration and management using Copernicus Earth observation (EO) satellite data to deliver burned-area products, and will be the first national mapping and monitoring tool for UK wildfires. More

Dr Gail Millin-Chalabi and Team, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
The BMVI Earth Observation Challenge for Digital Transport Applications
RETRIEVE - Sentinels for Safe Transportation and Retrieval of High-value Goods

RETRIEVE is a service that identifies and tracks goods all over the world. It is the first solution to leverage Earth observation as a logistics tool that is fully independent of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). More

Hartmut Runge and Team, German Aerospace Center, Germany
Astrosat-End-To-End EO Challenge
SCAMPER - Safeguarding a EUR Six Billion Global Food Resource from Space

In 2014, the global seaweed harvest's value was estimated to be EUR six billion. SCAMPER is a decision support software tool that will aid seaweed industry stakeholders in the best exploitation and protection of this key food product. More

Bruce Hannah, National Space Centre Ltd., Ireland
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