Copernicus Masters Support Chat#5

18 Jun '19 | Online 11:00 – 11:45 (CEST)

Join the Copernicus Masters team and our external expert, Kevin Mascarenhas to have your questions answered. Kevin’s expertise lie in:

  • Handling difficult to work with individuals
  • Exploring interaction styles, communication blockages
  • Communication style and feedback, wasting time in meetings
  • Effective meeting culture, difference of opinion
  • How to mediate, and ambiguous roles and accountabilities
  • Clarify who is responsible for what

You can also come with questions about the competition in general e.g. how to submit your idea, or what challenge to choose.

We will be logged into the session during the allocated time slot, so just bring your question to the session and we will be there to support you. Each week we will have different experts with different backgrounds, so make sure to check out the other Support Chats if you’re looking for other expertise.

The session will take place at 11:00 CEST for 45 minutes.

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See you there!