Astrosat Thermal Impact & Energy Challenge

Astrosat was looking for new solutions that use Copernicus data to clearly identify the overconsumption of energy in urban areas.

The Challenge

Energy companies and local authorities require a comprehensive understanding of total energy use in order to better allocate resources and implement cost-saving measures for consumers. Copernicus data, together with in situ-data or socio-demographic data, has the potential to support the sector with this goal.

Submissions can focus on one specific aspect of the energy sector or can address multiple related aspects such as urban living or impact of pollution on health in urban areas. Likewise, solutions can be designed to support more than just energy companies and local authorities, instead targeting specific groups of end users and tying in platforms that are already available such as smart wearables. Submissions must do more than simply aggregate and present a visualisation of data on a map.



Business and technical support worth EUR 8,000 to take the solution to market


Integration into Astrosat’s ThermCERT dashboard, including showcasing the solution to existing and potential customers at worldwide exhibitions


Possibility to access EUR 10,000 worth of commercial datasets from the Copernicus Contributing Missions in the Copernicus Data Warehouse (financial support by EC)


Entrants will be evaluated by senior members from the Astrosat team and other appointed experts. Each submission to Astrosat’s Thermal impact and Energy Challenge will be evaluated against the following criteria:


Do the key attributes of the solution present a new or novel approach to energy and health management?


Do the solution’s data processing capabilities provide reliable, efficient and accurate support?

Customer Experience

Taking the different user groups into consideration, how easy is the solution to use?


Does the solution gather, process and present the data in a way that provides useful and timely support?

About Astrosat

Astrosat is a private sector, commercial, satellite applications company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Astrosat’s clients are spread internationally from South East Asia to Central America and consume products as diverse as deforestation monitoring to energy efficiency in the urban environment as well as disaster response management.



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