BayWa Smart Farming Challenge

BayWa was looking for innovative solutions that use new technologies, ideas and products to support sustainable agriculture.


Those are the TOP 3 submissions to the BayWa Smart Farming Challenge. Congratulations to the winning solution!

Audili – Remote Soil Analysis
Fertilizer misuse causes significant environmental damage. At the same time, fertilizers play a significant role in feeding an ever-growing population. To achieve this with minimal harm to the environment, data that facilitates efficient use is necessary.
Audili eliminates the expensive and time-consuming process of soil probing by analysing spectral satellite imagery to provide topsoil nutrient insights from space. Farmers, scientists and national agencies can therefore access historical and more recent soil insights from all over the world. Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, LANDSAT 7, LANDSAT 8 as well as records of past soil probing results are used.
Submitted by Armin Schöpf

Auravant  – Smart and Easy Irrigation for Every Farmer
Auravant is an easy-to-use, affordable, SaaS decision support tool that helps farmers and agronomists adopt precision agriculture. In it, crop producers can combine all their field information to obtain actionable insights that will help them reduce costs, save time, and improve crop yields.
Auravant uses Sentinel-2A and -2B as its main sources of data. It also integrates Planet satellite imagery and allows users to upload yield maps, altimetry, application maps, and soil maps.
By adopting precision agriculture, Auravant users and customers can save time and money, optimize their resource usage (seeds, fertilizers, herbicides), improve their crop yields, and practice more sustainable farming.
Submitted by Leandro Sabignoso

Exploring and Expanding upon the Possibilities of Field Border and Crop Detection
The projects solution copes with the challenges faced in automatic field border and crop detection – and does so with unparalleled accuracy and consistency. Based on satellite imagery from ESA, Ceptu has taught neural networks to automatically locate field borders on a global scale. At the same time, by looking at a series of satellite imagery of a specific location over time, Ceptu has taught additional neural networks to determine the type of crop present based on the pattern of growth.
Ceptu is fed with raw satellite imagery from ESA’s Sentinel-2 programme. L1C data is also imported into Ceptu and processed using ESA’s Sen2Cor service, which provides Ceptu with L2A data output.
Border detection enables agricultural software platforms to easily onboard farmers by simplifying the process of finding and adding fields. Crop detection provides those involved in agriculture with real-time information regarding how many hectares each crop covers and how each crop is performing.
Submitted by John Smedegaard

The Challenge

As the global population continues to grow every year, so too does the demand for agricultural products. To continue feeding the world without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by society, and can only be achieved by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production. BayWa invites submissions that look to tackle this challenge by combining satellite data with other data sources in an innovative and commercially viable way, and where possible, by using machine learning/artificial intelligence to process the data. Participants are encouraged to explore BayWa’s existing smart farming products and to present complimentary or novel solutions.

Furthermore, BayWa is looking for new ideas that support the following application fields:

  • Sustainable Irrigation Management
  • Early Crop Disease Identification
  • Pasture Management

Do you have a Smart Farming idea that doesn’t fit the above? BayWa encourages you to enter it as well!



EUR 5,000


Mentoring package from BayWa, FarmFacts and Vista, including support with scientific and commercial expertise, developing a go-to-market strategy, and identifying sales channels


Access to BayWa sales platforms and customers through NEXT Farming


Access to BayWa agri-business and agri-organsation networks


Access to field trails in multiple countries (if eligible)


Possibility to access EUR 10,000 worth of commercial datasets from the Copernicus Contributing Missions in the Copernicus Data Warehouse (financial support by EC)


Submissions to the BayWa Smart Farming Challenge will be evaluated against the following criteria:


Does the solution demonstrate a new/novel approach to Smart Farming?

Earth observation

Does the solution use Earth observation data to bring added-value to end-users?

Technical Feasibility

Can the technical element of the solution be used in a commercial context?

Commercial Viability

Does the solution have real market potential?

About BayWa

BayWa is a group with worldwide operations in the core competencies of trading, logistics and supplementary services in its three operating segments Agriculture, Energy and Building Materials and the Innovation & Digitalisation development segment. Digital Farming is geared towards the development and marketing of digital solutions for agriculture. Such solutions are opening up entirely new opportunities for the agricultural sector. As a shareholder of Vista GmbH, BayWa offers attractive satellite and model-based solutions for agricultural purposes. Together with the subsidiary FarmFacts and its high degree of acceptance and experience as a systems service provider, BayWa can already offer a wide range of innovative services today. The head office of the parent company, which was founded in 1923, is located in Munich. The international activities focus on Europe as well as on the US and New Zealand.


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