Best Service Challenge

Header Winner 2011

SRRS – Satellite Rapid Response System

Data in Use Service is presently using Asar and Meris data from ENVISAT, Modis data from TERRA and AQUA, Avnir2 from ALOS. Service summary SRRS performs real-time processing of satellite…

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Earth Snapshot – A daily view of the planet

Data in Use ASAR, MERIS, MODIS, AVNIR2, FAPAR, AVHRR3 Service summary Every day, Chelys generates hundreds of real-time photorealistic images from satellite data, allowing us to monitor environmental issues such…

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Landmap – Spatial Discovery

Data in Use ERS 1; ERS 2; ASAR; ALOS PALSAR; AVNIR-2 ; Landsat 7; Landsat 4/5; NIR Red-Edge; CIR; Aerial Photography, DTMs, UK-DMC and UK-DMC2 Service summary Landmap provides web-based…

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