eOnsight uses satellite data to monitor infrastructures and determine their health, predict evolutions, generate maintenance alerts, and prioritise the planning of onsite visits.
This helps to optimise the maintenance of infrastructure and build its resilience in the context of climate change.
The eOnsight platform aggregates various data sources on top of Copernicus data using cloud computing technologies and displays the resulting visualisations directly to users via a web-based dashboard. Special attention is given to the user experience – a key differentiator – based on seamless integration into operators’ existing IT systems.
In the future, the service will offer a digital health logbook to evolve into a full “digital twin” for bridges – that is, a digital model that evolves virtually with the events impacting a given bridge in real life.

eOnsight S.A.S.
Daniel Katz, Frédéric Chambeau, Charles Nguyen,
Marion Echevard, Marc Lelarge