Service summary

The BeeNebulaApp™ application, a part of the NebulaSystem™, is designed to enhance the knowledge of bee-keeping and apiculture. It uses satellite meteorological data, supplemented by Sentinel series and the data from terrestrial and aerial sensors, to determine the moment and location of bee foraging. Automatic generated reports will be delivered to users through the dedicated mobile application. Approx. 11 million agricultural holdings in EU can benefit from BeeNebulaApp™ as law regulations prohibit spraying during bee activity. Thanks to the app, pesticides will be used more precisely to increase honey production, yield and quality of environment. BeeNebulaApp™ processes global data in a simple and accessible format for everyone to use. It will build a network of interactions between beekeepers, farmers and politicians to reduce the negative impact of agricultural activities, while respecting the needs of farmers.

Customer Benefit 

Users will be provided with accurate and customised information and recommendations related to their business. Appropriate and timely decisions on beekeeping and agriculture will increase the economic performance of their activities and ensure an adequate level of bee safety.

The Expertise

«The jury nominated the project BeeNebula as the winner of this challenge because it proposes an innovative application addressing societal needs in the context of the overall Sustainable Development Goals – in particular, it focused on a very specific area: The sustainable protection of bees.»

Christoph Roeland
Policy Officer
European Commission (EC)
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Sylwia Nasiłowska
Institute of Aviation