Data in Use
Preferred 0.5m resolution or better; two layers, panchromatic or (ideally) infrared and RGB

Service summary
Cerberus is a crowdsourcing and e-learning platform where participants are involved in the creation of maps. On satellite photographs, they can mark where they see cracks in ice, damaged power cables, areas of drought, or even lost pyramids. Cerberus can handle multiple sources of GMES data and thus help mapping in quite a variety of areas – climate change research, for instance.

Customer Benefit
Cerberus quickly and thoroughly analyses optical satellite data by using real participants as “sensors” while providing them with interesting learning experiences.

The Expertise
«Cerberus provides a novel approach to using VHR satellite data that not only reaches a broader community, but also exploits dedicated disaster and environmental applications in a playful way. In addition, its use of the Internet makes it a powerful crowdsourcing tool.»

Dr Rupert Haydn
Managing Director


Company info
BlackShore, The Netherlands
Hans Van ‘t Woud