Monitoring marine habitats, protecting coastlines against erosion, and making proper use of marine ecosystems near shorelines are crucial in ensuring a sustainable and efficient maritime economy in the EU.
Coast Mapper is a system that will support the monitoring of selected parameters in coastal zones with the use of publicly and commercially available satellite observations and other data (such as hydrographic measurements). The main goal of the project is to systematically and cost-effectively deliver coastal zone bathymetry derived from high-mid resolution satellite observations. Thanks to its use of analytical and AI-based algorithms, Coast Mapper will allow users to systematically monitor seashore erosion and the effects of human interference in nature. They can then assess the effects of coastal hydrotechnical actions or their own planning. This project seeks to fill the gap between the capabilities of Earth observation systems like Copernicus and requirements in mapping coastal habitats.

Gdansk University of Technology / Research Team
Andrzej Chybicki, Zbigniew Łubniewski, Waldemar Korłub, Tomasz Berezowski,
Paweł Sosnowski, Marek Kulawiak, Tomasz Bieliński, Jarosław Parzuchowski