The supply of fresh water to growing urban populations is jeopardised by increasing leaks in outdated water grids. This problem is worsened by water evaporation due to global warming. In addition to the unnecessary waste of usable water, water utilities face tremendous economic losses, as they need to allocate significant capital and personnel resources to identify leaks and repair their grids.
Tenchijin COMPASS A.I technology solves these issues by using Copernicus satellite data (from Sentinel-1, -2 and -3) to identify land degradation and motion. This helps to infer current leak locations and evaluate the risk to the entire corresponding grid.
Tenchijin informs operators about the reliability of their grids and aids them in detecting leaks before too much water is wasted. The intuitive COMPASS interface provides immediate, accurate, scalable and actionable insights to customers that help them tailor their maintenance procedures and workforce and mitigate their costs and losses.

Tenchijin Inc.
Dr Adrien Lemal, Yuhei Urabe, Keitaro Asaba, Mayumi Miyazaki, Yuhei Aihara