Data in Use
Gamaya relies on data produced by its novel hyperspectral imaging camera. The solution will achieve a key enhancement based on its use of Sentinel-2 satellite data.

Service summary
Gamaya integrates a novel hyperspectral imaging camera with algorithmic expertise to translate data from the camera into actionable information for agribusinesses. It deploys the camera on drones and relies on synergies with Sentinel satellites to provide agronomists and farmers with timely and large-scale diagnostics on crop issues. The solution thus allows farmers to substantially improve yield efficiency and reduce their usage of fertilisers and chemicals.

Customer Benefit
The overall economic benefits for farmers include:

  • Increase in crop yield (30%)
  • Reduction in fertiliser costs (40%)
  • Decrease in disease-related losses (70%)

Resulting in the production of quality foods and reduction of any negative environmental impact.

The Expertise
«Gamaya is a fine example of a well conceived, end-to-end business concept that will provide highly valuable services to the farming industry. The team behind it has developed a leadingedge hyperspectral sensor that is embedded in a fully integrated, cloud-based service solution. Together with its partners, Gamaya is well positioned for successful market entry. CloudEO is thus excited to present the team with the CloudEO Going-Live Award and looks forward to supporting its launch.»

Dr Manfred Krischke
Chief Executive Officer
CloudEO AG

Company info
Nicolas Ackermann, Igor Ivanov, Yosef Akhtman
Gamaya SA, Switzerland