Data in Use
Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Imager, Full Resolution Level 1b; Envisat Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer, Full Resolution Level 1b, ancillary meteorological data

Service summary
CyanoLakes is a public information and warning service for cyanobacterial blooms using Earth observation. The service offers weekly updates, forecasts, and nowcasts (in near real-time) on cyanobacteria blooms, eutrophication (chlorophyll-a), and invasive aquatic macrophytes through mobile applications. Designed as a tool to assist in the management of aquatic systems, the information will be made open to the public and available for aquatic systems around the globe.

Customer Benefit

  • Saves lives by minimising the incidence of cyanobacterial poisonings and enabling more effective treatment of cyanobacterial toxins
  • Saves money on costly in situ sampling and management strategies; and
  • Saves the environment through improving ecosystem services

The Expertise
«CyanoLakes is the first service that can distinguish harmful cyanobacteria from other algae. In offering relevant information in near real-time to subscribers worldwide via the cloud, it presents a great example of how to take research findings to commercial services. Exploiting Sentinel-3 will be the backbone of this cost-effective service.»

Mikko Strahlendorff
Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications
Ministerial Adviser

Company info
Dr Mark Matthews