Data in Use
The application can incorporate any type of spatial information, including EO Sentinel SAR, multispectral, vector, augmented, and real-time imagery and sensor data from UAVs.

Service summary
CybEarth is a mobile application that provides augmented first-person views of reality. By positioning a mobile device over an area of interest, layers of spatial data and EO imagery are projected on-screen, matching dynamically to the camera’s tilted field of view. The user can adjust spectral and temporal scales using sliders and add geo-tags. The mobile device can be mounted on a prototype UAV platform to provide image data layers in real time.

Customer Benefit
CybEarth introduces a novel platform that embraces most EO applications, including:

  • Sea-, land-, and air-based environmental monitoring
  • Assessments of changes over time; and phenology

It promotes e-government, citizen participation, and awareness of systems on Earth.

The Expertise
«CybEarth’s ability to adaptively augment Earth observation data (as well as other data stored in central databases) with vertical and/or oblique scenes viewed on mobile devices in the field and, in addition, interactively annotate them with key features indicated by users in the field, is a major development in cartographic visualisation and opens-up the door for more extensive use of EO data in real-life applications.»

Dr Panagiotis Lolonis
Member of the Scientific Council
National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A.

Company info
Asst Prof Panagiotis Partsinevelos and Team
SenseLab, Technical University of Crete, Greece