Service summary

Wildfires are a global phenomenon that can have a devastating impact on a country’s population and environment and represents a EUR 52 billion market affecting 5.8 million people worldwide. DANTE is an integrated low-cost solution for the early detection of forest fires featuring advanced methods to report and manage a fire within seconds of it starting. Its high performing image processor is embedded within a low-cost hardware platform and integrated into a smart connectivity network. It provides a prompt alarm system which evaluates the danger of a fire, maps burnt areas and guides firefighting operations as a real-time navigator. The system can be integrated and managed remotely from existing emergency control rooms. It provides high spatial and temporal resolution maps of the active fire, as an in-situ real-time dataset complementary to Sentinel.

Customer Benefit 

DANTE offers better performance compared to current state of the art technology but at a cost 2 to 15 times cheaper than alternatives. It is suitable to cover both small and large territories and means a substantial potential saving in extinction and reconstruction budgets.

The Expertise

«Already equipped with significant endorsement from end users, DANTE combines ruggedised in-situ measurements with rapid geo-mapping capabilities to revolutionise the fight against wildfires. This is an exciting opportunity to combine DANTE with the cutting-edge satellite and space technology expertise of Astrosat to combat the devastating effects of wildfire.»

Dan Ghatoray
Business & Innovation Analyst

Company info

Luis Crespo