Data in Use
Near real-time SAR imagery (cloud independent), several updates each month, base optical map for comprehension

Service summary
Millions of students will monitor rainforests using (web) tools and earth observation to provide the near real-time intelligence required to halt illegal deforestation. It provides a new approach to education by involving users directly in the conservation effort with direct access to real data. Knowledge and results are shared by collaborating in a social media environment. Data sources can include GMES land services and Sentinel missions.

Customer Benefit
This project allows schools to explore collaborative technologies and empowers citizens in monitoring and conservation efforts.

The Expertise
«DeforestAction combines crowdsourcing and collaborative intelligence with environmental protection in an innovative way. The solution also demonstrates the social dimension of GMES, which will be essential to its success and overall acceptance.»

Dr Sebastian Carl
Head of GeoData and Data-Products


Company info
Geodan, The Netherlands
Dr Eduardo Dias