Demosat is designed to help prevent the spread of diseases caused by poor air quality. It is an integrated web-based platform that enables users and companies to monitor urban air quality in an actionable, user-friendly way. Demosat analyses air quality data from the Sentinel-5p satellite and integrates it with local demographic data to provide related recommendations. Its interactive map includes layers for air quality, demographics, and health data to offer an overview of the current situation along with insights into how air quality has influenced the health status in specific regions in the past. Companies are provided with a framework of recommendations on how to improve their employees’ well-being and productivity at work, which makes it possible to cut costs due to downtime or health-related absences.
Meanwhile, individual users are advised on how to reduce their exposure to poor air quality and their own environmental impact. Demosat can also be extended to predict at-risk areas and population groups in the future.

Martina Markova, Ivan Grigorov, Alexander Varhoshkov, Georgi Vasev