Data in Use
LiDAR (from Governments or private companies) and other geospatial data (satellite images, orthophotos …)

Service summary
Dielmo Server allows visualisation, analysis and distribution of LiDAR, raster and geographic information over the internet or intranet. Millions of points collected by LiDAR devices are now accessible to virtually anyone in a totally immersive 3D view of objects and surroundings. Dielmo has overcome the technological barriers that LiDAR has traditionally presented making it accessible to anyone and increasing the number of potential users.

Customer Benefit
Its OpenSource tools allows participation by technical and nontechnical citizens at any time, improving and streamlining decision-making and activity planning.

Added value through GMES
Thanks to it is based on standard WMS services, it can be easily implemented in any geospatial project already existing, making high-accuracy LiDAR, raster and geospatial data accessible to everybody.


Company info
DIELMO 3D S.L., Spain
Jose Carlos Garcia Gonzalez