Service summary

DroneSAR enables the use of affordable drone technology to expedite search and rescue (SAR) missions when teams are faced with risk, time and resource constraints. It allows the drone operator to plan, execute and perform search mission’s based on variables including altitude, field-of-view, battery life and probability of detection. DroneSAR enhances situation awareness and first-person-view (FPV) through its live low latency video streaming. The tracking of multiple drone activities, coordinates, flight status and mission progress can be relayed to team members and (SAR) coordination centres for immediate operational observation and analysis. When used for post disaster emergency response together with Sentinel-1 and -2 mapping data, DroneSAR ensures a coordinated delivery of the right information to the right people at the right time so lives can be saved.

Customer Benefit 

DroneSAR seeks to reduce the exposure to risk that emergency response agencies continually face during their response duties, reduces the cost of providing the response service and ultimately assists in reducing the time taken to locate missing persons leading to mission success.

The Expertise

«The jury nominated the DroneSAR UAV search and rescue platform as the winner because it is very relevant to emergency management. The added value for the users is very high as the services provided by the project are complementary to the Copernicus Emergency Management Service in realtime and at a very local scale. Furthermore, the company has already established a partnership with a leading drone manufacturer. We wish the company quick market success and congratulate them for their work.»

Hugo Zunker
Policy Officer
European Commission

Company info

Leo Murray