DroughtMeasure is a drought monitoring service for smart cities and regions in the European Union. There are currently 800 EU municipalities with 50,000+ inhabitants and a smart city market size worth between USD 2-3 trillion by 2025.
Drought Measure aims to service this market by enabling public authorities to access advice about where to build new parks, where green roofs should be required from a private investor, or which measures have generated real impact in the past. The service offers a fast and cheap initial assessment of drought hotspots, consulting on preventative measures, and long-term monitoring of changes.
The IT architecture is based on open source software, analytics, geospatial information and attractive visualisations for politicians and citizens. The service uses Earth observation data form Sentinel-1 &- 2 as well as Landsat 8 together with other data sources.

From initial analysis to concrete solution, © World from Space


Customer benefits

Public authorities get advice about where to build a new park, where green roofs should be demanded of real estate developers, or which measures have generated real impact in the past. They receive justifications for the need of new green areas even in case of additional costs.


„DroughtMeasure has a great team as well as amazing products. But more importantly, they put the users at the centre of their value proposition, speaking their language and involving them from the start“. – Thibaud Delourme, Policy Officer, European Commission

Jan Labohý, Roman Bohovic, Mikuláš Muroň, Jana Drochytková