Service summary
Wildfires are a major hazard and produce devastating environmental and economic impacts. In moorland and heathland areas, wildfires discolour drinking water supplies, release carbon dioxide and damage these unique ecosystems. Around £55 million a year is spent by the emergency services on fighting wildfires. EnviroSAR is a targeted service for peat moorland and heathland restoration and management using Copernicus Earth observation (EO) satellite data to deliver burned-area products, and will be the first national mapping and monitoring tool for UK wildfires. The EnviroSAR geoportal will understand patterns of wildfire occurrence, help mitigate their risks, target land management and reseeding, reduce water discolouration and the associated costs.

Customer Benefit
EnviroSAR will add value to utility companies, government agencies, emergency services and conservation groups by saving them time and money through targeted solutions for peatland restoration and management.

The Expertise
«EnviroSAR was a clear winner for the Sustainable Living Challenge. The team proved there was a genuine market opportunity for a national wildfire mapping and monitoring tool to support the restoration of some of the UK’s most important natural habitats. Their solution is built on an innovative application of Sentinel SAR data and a huge network of organisations they have connected with over the past five years. The team impressed the judges with their technical skills, combined with their energy and commitment to rapidly developing their idea into a commercial service.»

Stuart Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Satellite Applications Catapult


Company info
Dr Gail Millin-Chalabi and Team
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom