Data in Use
Ocean colour, sea surface temperature and altimetry, Sentinel 3, hi-res visible, Sentinel 2, SAR, Sentinel 1

Service summary
It is known that power plants require large quantities of water from coastal or inland bodies of water for cooling purposes. However, what is not well understood is the impact of returning this cooling water back into the environment. EO data from a range of GMES sources will be investigated to assess its suitability for monitoring these discharges and their impacts on water quality, indigenous floral and faunal species, and riparian vegetation.

Customer Benefit
The proposed application will allow end-users to foresee and mitigate potential problems with cooling water discharges before they become serious.

The Expertise
«EOPPAD takes advantage of EO with a strong focus on GMES and related data sources. The concept’s proven innovative value is key in monitoring the environmental effects of current and future energy supplies.»

Gunter Schreier
Head of Business Development and GMES Coordination


Company info
Will Aicken
AMEC plc, United Kingdom