The ERMES (Extensive Road Monitoring Early-Warning System) project aims to develop a solution for large-scale highway infrastructure monitoring through satellite data. The proposed solution will rely on data obtained from Earth observation (EO) satellites to monitor slope stability and ground subsidence throughout highway and road networks. The ERMES project is primarily based on the processing and analysis of SAR data obtained from EO satellites. The source of this data will essentially be the Sentinel-1 satellite constellation.
This remote monitoring system offers various advantages as it quickly monitors large areas and provides precise information much more frequently than the current solutions. It thus minimises the logistical challenges and costs involved in on-site ground surveys.

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“The winner of this year’s BMVI Challenge is an idea for an Extensive Road Monitoring Early-Warning System, or ERMES. This innovative transport application simplifies and accelerates the analysis of large-scale highway infrastructure using Sentinel SAR data. ERMES provides precise information frequently and minimises the logistical challenges and costs of ground surveys. The application stands out thanks to its different features: Apart from wide-area monitoring and hotspot analysis, it consists of an early-warning system for critical ground subsidence.” – Christiane Hohmeister, Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

Ricardo Cabral