Data in Use
SAR satellites with multi-polarisation capabilities – including Sentinel-1 and Cosmo-Skymed for flood monitoring – along with radar altimetry data sets from such sources as Jason 2 and SARAL.

Service summary
The eXude system provides an advanced flood-monitoring tool that makes use of the latest in SAR and radar altimetry data-processing techniques for flood identification and mapping (incl. urban areas). Coupled with the ability to receive additional data sets, the system will provide information on drainage capabilities and hazard assessment/infrastructure failures within flood management infrastructures, both during events and in post-event analysis.

Customer Benefit
eXude will provide local authorities, disaster response teams, etc with:

  • satellite-based situational awareness of floods, even in urban environments
  • and tracking of drainage equipment for operational analysis both during and after events

The Expertise
«Every year, flood events in cities around the world cause loss of life and massive infrastructure damage leading to costly repair programmes. Whilst the use of satellite data for flood monitoring and prediction is increasing, there has been less focus on its application for flood drain effectiveness. eXude uses Sentinel and commercial data sets to monitor and model the drainage capabilities of a flood zone to determine whether current systems are effective, providing valuable information to local authorities and civil infrastructure owners for flood defence management.»

Stuart Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Satellite Applications Catapult

Company info
Steve Lee
Stevenson Astrosat Ltd., United Kingdom