Data in Use
Climatic parameters are derived from MSG, GOES, MTSAT (via Copernicus land-monitoring services), and MODIS. Copernicus services such as GlobCover and soil moisture information will also be used together with Sentinel-2 data once available.

Service summary
Environmental factors are key in affecting the transmission of malaria, which can be monitored by Earth observation. EyeOnMalaria aims to develop an operational monitoring system to continuously assess the environmental suitability for malaria transmission throughout the African continent based on new European EO capacities and expert epidemiology models. The service will directly support targeted malaria control at the necessary times and locations in Africa.

  • Continuously assesses environmental factors that affect the transmission of malaria
  • Leverages new European EO capacities and expert epidemiology models
  • Directly supports targeted malaria control (times, locations)

Customer Benefit
A huge amount of international funding is allocated for malaria control (US$1.6 billion per year). Using this EO service, national malaria-control programmes will be able to apply their malaria control activities to the necessary times and locations, thus improving the cost-effectiveness of interventions.

The Expertise
«EyeOnMalaria provides a novel Earth observation-based service for malaria forecasts. The monitoring system assesses the environmental conditions for malaria transmission and provides accurate and timely risk information through the cloud. This will be a first step towards an early-warning system for malaria.»

Dr Sebastian Carl
Head GeoData and Data-Products

RSS – Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH
Dr Jonas Franke and Team

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Dr Penelope Vounatsou and Team