The lack of preventive maintenance and early detection of failures in infrastructure leads to large economic losses that can ultimately endanger human lives. This is why Detektia has developed EyeRADAR, an infrastructuremonitoring tool that provides early warnings of deformation based on the latest satellite radar technologies, Sentinel-1 data, and AI.
DInSAR technology is used to measure historical and up-to-date movements in infrastructure with millimetre precision without the need for ground instrumentation. The AI layer detects anomalous deformations in near-real time and is able to generate corresponding alerts.
With EyeRADAR, Detektia aims to transform the enormous volume of satellite information into easy-to-interpret data that supports decision-making in all the digital processes of infrastructure management. Providing early warnings in client information systems will revolutionise the preventive management of assets. EyeRADAR will therefore provide not just data, but early warnings for advanced safety and economy efficiency, as well.


Candela Sancho, Alfredo Fernandez, Miguel Marchamalo, Ruben Martinez, Adrian Garcia, Jaime Sanchez, Carlos Garcia