Data in Use
phase1 – SMOS TB and SM, MODIS NDVI and LST phase 2 – SMOS and SMAP TB and SM, S-2 LAI, S-3 NDVI and LST

Service summary
Uncontrolled fire outbreaks cause every year serious damages to the fragile and complex European eco-system. Several hectares are burnt every summer, and in the worst cases many victims are involved in such events. Merging remotely sensed visible, infra-red, and microwave data to build and constantly refresh fire-risk maps can help in managing these events, in terms of prevention and fast-reaction.

Benefit to EU citizens
Faster reaction to fires, eco-system preservation and a decrease of the consequences of deforestations (avalanches, floods): increase in public safety.

Added value through GMES
The two products of NDVI and LST provided by Sentinel-3 will complement MODIS products for the generation of the fire-risk maps: maps will have shorter refresh time of the maps, maximizing the service benefits.


Company info
Serco S.p.A. and SMOS-BEC
Marco Talone