Data in Use
EO data: MSG SEVIRI (EUMETSAT) on a 5′ basis, Landsat TM, MODIS, NPP, SPOT, VHR optical imagery, Sentinel-2
Non-EO data: RT Meteo data, OSM, CLC, ASTER DEM, Google Earth, VHR Cadastral Orthophotos

Service summary
The service FireHub ( consists of three pillars:

  1. 24/7 real-time fire detection and monitoring at a spatial resolution of 500m,
  2. large-scale burn scar mapping during and after wildfires that populates a unique diachronic inventory and observatory of fire events across Greece, and
  3. hourly fire-smoke dispersion forecasting.

The service is fully transferable to diverse sites all over Europe.

Customer Benefit

  • Evidence-based decision making (in civil protection and business continuity management) that supports resilience against wildfires with an eye towards societal and economic welfare
  • Protection of human lives, private property, and ecosystems
  • Support for transparent environmental governance and awareness

Company info
National Observatory of Athens (NOA)
Dr Charalampos (Haris) Kontoes