Forests produce the air we breathe and the products we use. However, forests are under pressure of threats, including extreme drought and insect plagues.’s forest health monitoring solution leverages the latest advancements in satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor forest health and to detect these disturbances.
A combination of Planet and Sentinel-1, -2, -3 data enable daily high-resolution updates and the extraction of complex patterns. Actionable insights will help forest industry companies and governments to act and protect forests around the world.
Main benefits are high accuracy, cost-efficiency and scalability. The forest health monitoring solution will be an addition to’s Forest Intelligence Platform. Due to the growing need for sustainable forest management, forest intelligence has become a multi-billion dollar market.

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Customer benefits provides governments and companies with trees/wood as a primary resource with actionable insights for sustainable forest management. The solution helps customers to keep forests healthy and productive, with high accuracy, cost-efficiency and scalability as main benefits.


“It’s always exciting to see our satellite data being utilised in such innovative ways. We were very impressed with’s forest health monitoring dashboard and believe it has strong growth potential, as they already have an established knowledge of the market and have been exploring possibilities with existing customers. used both Planet’s daily imagery and Copernicus data as the backbone to their solution. This combination provides meaningful insights to a challenging problem we are facing with forests and with the right resources, can become an important player in the future of forest health monitoring.” – Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Senior Director – European Affairs, Planet


Indra den Bakker, Anniek Schouten