Service summary
Forest managers worldwide are affected by insect outbreaks that threaten to destroy their stock of trees. Bark beetles, for example, can destroy entire forests within a short period of time. These beetles eat their way through trees, which interrupts the transportation of water and nutrients and eventually causes them to die. Outbreaks can be prevented in several ways. However, prevention often occurs too late and is extremely invasive and time-consuming. Viridian Raven offers a solution to help combat these pests. Using data from the Sentinel satellites, it provides an early warning system for forest managers. This makes it possible to take prevention measures that can save time, money and trees. Viridian Raven, combines satellite data from Sentinel and Landsat, in addition to user input and weather station data into one platform for the benefit of forestry companies and services as customers and the environmental protection in general.

Customer Benefit
Customers will benefit from timely prevention measures that increase timber production and lower management costs. In addition, improved forest protection will result in a healthier ecosystem.

The Expertise
«Viridian Raven is an outstanding example how Copernicus Sentinel data help to identify forest areas at risk for bark beetle outbreaks. Thus, prevention measures are enabled at the right time and area, so that larger scale bark beetle outbreaks can be prevented or quickly responded to.»

Gunter Schreier
Business Development & Copernicus
Deputy Director German Remote Sensing Data Center
German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Company info
Lisa Broekhuizen and Wendy Mensink
Viridian Raven, The Netherlands