Forestmap is an e-commerce platform that allows users to make online forest inventories of a specific area. Forest monitoring is essential to ensure conservation and sustainable wood supply. Current forest inventories, mainly based on field data only, are expensive, time consuming and rarely updated. Forest managers and bioeconomic industries cannot make accurate, cost effective and rapid inventories. Forestmap fills this gap, allowing users to make near-real time forest inventories thanks to LiDAR, Copernicus (Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2) and upcoming missions datasets, for example ESA Biomass. Through Big Data and without requiring additional field campaigns, forest management and wood supply will be easier and cheaper than ever.

ForestMap e-commerce platform, © Agresta S. Coop


Customer benefits

Forest owners and forest managers can make sustainable management plans (nowadays many forests are not monitored because of the price). Forest industries will increase their knowledge about the availability of wood supply in near real time, at an affordable price.

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“Agresta really impressed the judges with the way they had started from a real customer problem and brought together forestry, remote sensing and IT expertise to produce a great solution in Forestmap. The team demonstrated deep understanding of the forestry industry and have put in the hard work to provide validated results to a high accuracy. Their e-commerce platform makes it really simple to get quick, reliable and cost-effective forest resource monitoring using multiple data sources and powerful predictive models. Forestmap provides real benefits to customers removing the need for costly field work. CGI is excited to work with agresta to help expand their solution using our leading Earth observation cloud exploitation platform expertise and global market presence.” – Andy Thompson, Vice President, Earth Observation, CGI

Nur Algeet Abarquero, David García Castillo, José Luis Tomé Morán, Pablo Ascasíbar Allona