GPGF is a mobile application that helps farmers with the management of animal pastures using Copernicus data. The app helps optimise the movement of animals by recommending suitable areas for grazing based on both the abundance and quality of the food there.
Users will be informed about the condition of pastures before and during the grazing season.
By obtaining information on more suitable areas for grazing, they will be able to provide animals with more abundant and higherquality food while also saving on additional costs by optimising their movement.
The most important supporters of our work is the Copernicus Sentinel mission and field monitoring. In Azerbaijan, there is currently no activity related to the use of mobile applications for effective management of pastures, satellite monitoring and providing access to corresponding results. GPGF fills this gap with the support of Copernicus data.

“Green Pastures for Green Future demonstrated mobile and desktop application based on Sentinel data for effective management of pastures in Azerbaijan. Significant effort put into validation of results with insitu data collection allowed credible estimation of surface biomass, its seasonality and annual dynamics with rigorous methodology and scale up plans. It has a significant potential to identify better grazing strategies while protecting biodiversity and responding to climate change impacts.”
Anna Burzykowska, Copernicus Innovation Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)


Murad Jamalov, Elman Alaskarov, Ilham Ahmad-zada