Hurricane Unwinder is a software that provides an intensity forecast for hurricanes and finds weather modification opportunities for downgrading the intensity.

Hurricane intensity, even though crucial, has proven to be particularly challenging for standard weather forecasts. Hurricane Unwinder uses neural networks and statistics to analyse high-resolution satellite images and weather forecasts for an improved forecast. Sentinel-3 visual and brightness temperature images are used as highest-resolution data in addition to continuous geostationary satellite observations. Mitigating the financial and physical risk is worth billions of euros for disaster management, (collateralised re)insurance and the general public.


Customer benefits

Disaster management professionals directly receive better intensity information and an improved storm surge forecast through better input data. Reinsurance and finance companies can hedge risk up to billions. Downgrading hurricanes could avoid billions worth of damages.



“We believe typhoon and hurricane path prediction can become far more powerful based on the proposed technology and excellent team behind Hurricane Unwinder. It will easily fit into our storm track and emergency tasking system within RAPID, ultimately ensuring people at risk from severe weather can be warned earlier and be more prepared when storms hit land.“ – Steve Lee, CEO, Astrosat


Dr Svante Henriksson, Antti Pasila