Remote sensing data from the likes of Copernicus and Planet is continuous and objective. This data needs to be translated into information through the collective language of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .
IMARA combines spatial data with an agricultural, ecological, and economic model to cover the entire spectrum of social, economic, and environmental aspects. By quantifying the impact of agroforestry on both social and environmental indicators, IMARA clients can monitor and evaluate progress and accountability in order to prove the impact of their activities.


“Like Planet, IMARA is a mission driven company. Combining EO data of Planet and analytics of IMARA will allow for credible monitoring and evaluating of what is happening on Earth in an evidence-based and datadriven manner by visualising progress over space and time. Such valuable insights from Planet can be strengthened by visual storytelling of IMARA to offer powerful information about the progress humanity is making on the SDGs for instance. IMARA has demonstrated a strong commitment toward helping to create a sustainable world with EO data and we believe they have a good shot at it!” – PhD Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Senior Director European Affairs, Planet
Elise van Tilborg, Ard Schakel,
Ard Lengkeek, Frank van Schoubroeck