Service summary

LiveEO powered by h-aero® will improve Earth observation applications by closing the gap between observation time, resolution and coverage area. LiveEO is the first private real-time Earth observation application making use of the synergies of Sentinel-2 data and geolocation services. A perfect example for the use of LiveEO is the monitoring of critical infrastructure like railroads and power grids. Its change detection algorithms based on Copernicus data detect critical changes in an area that needs further investigation. LiveEO then determines efficient mission profiles, adds commercial data on demand and can launch connected UAVs. In-situ data (e.g. LIDAR, gas composition and temperature) gained through UAVs like h-aero® will be available immediately through an internet connection from UAVs to LiveEO. LiveEO benefits from the Berlin based space startup network

Customer Benefit 

The smart combination of satellite and UAV data improves the coordination of emergency response teams with short reaction times, the maintenance of infrastructure networks, and the damage assessment by insurance companies to minimise economical damage with faster recovery.

The Expertise

«The solution was especially convincing due to the innovative combination of Earth observation, GNSS and UAV. The significantly longer flight time capabilities of the UAV unlocks new potential and efficiency when it comes to screening of infrastructure networks or entering areas of disrupted infrastructure.»

Christina Prien
Head of Global LLP Services
and Solutions at DHL Global Forwarding

Company info

Dr. Csaba Singer, Christian Schultze, Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra
Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH, h-aero®