Data in Use
Phase 1: ENVISAT ASAR and AATSR (2002-2012) Phase 2: SENTINEL-1 SAR and SENTINEL-3 SLSTR

Service summary
Monitoring gas flares and oil spills from oceanic oil platforms is key in preventing misuse and monitoring pollution disasters.The service and its portfolio of Service Level Agreement (SLA) options proactively monitors unexpected gas flares and oil spills.

Customer Benefit
Governments, civil authorities, oil companies, NGOs, and citizens will benefit from greater environmental protection that requires no effort on their part.

The Expertise
«Through continuous space-based monitoring, MOSP-RIOS can revolutionise regulatory oil platform controlling. Its innovative combination of oil spill and gas flare monitoring will expand control in a cost-effective manner while driving cleaner, more sustainable drilling.»

Mikko Strahlendorff
Ministerial Adviser
Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications


Company info
Serco SpA, Italy
Daniele Di Erasmo