Data in Use
European Space Imaging data package of Skybox Imaging satellite imagery (worth up to EUR 20,000)

Service summary
This research showcase will help illuminate the unique opportunities for emerging high-res, sub-daily, wide-area commercial satellite imaging capabilities to support international security through an example application designed to monitor prohibited nuclear weapon-testing activities. An international community of experts will analyse Skybox imagery of a case-study test site in North Korea at a range of weekly, daily, and sub-daily intervals.

Customer Benefit
This research will raise public and media awareness of the value of emerging high-res resources in ensuring international peace and security while providing informative support to multilateral treaty bodies for verification and confidence building.

The Expertise
«The proposed case study is addressing the monitoring of nuclear facilities and is based on a clear customer need to assist treaty verification. This is an excellent pilot study focusing on global security issues and aiming to build public awareness. The proposed methodology can easily be extended to sub-daily monitoring of all types of facilities.»

Adrian Zevenbergen
European Space Imaging GmbH
Managing Director


Company info
Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Tamara Patton