Service summary

Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide struggle with the limits of the maps available only as a hosted service. Now they can install a world map on their own server or cloud and integrate it into their products, websites and mobile apps. OpenMapTiles provides a customisable alternative to traditional map services, such as Google Maps, with more affordable price and completely unlimited usage. The maps are built on OpenStreetMap and customer specific geographic datasets. The aim is to add remote sensing data to the maps. Therefore, the solution combines imagery from Sentinel-2 satellites and opens aerial photographs to create a seamless satellite map of the whole world. It automatically adjusts to language, context and time of day and can be customised for corporate use. OpenMapTiles has been already adopted by Siemens, IBM, Bosch, Amazon, Swiss Federal Railways, and others.

Customer Benefit 

The service provides fully customisable maps, easy to use software, no vendor lock-in, compatibility with existing systems (Leaflet, ArcGIS), opensource SDK for native mobile app development, one map style on all platforms and at lower costs compared to competitors.

The Expertise

«OpenMapTiles will change the way maps and geoinformation is being used in industry. Its unique values include the open source software, the strong user customisation, the flexibility of implementation from local to public cloud, and the performance based on its state-of-the-art use of container architecture. T-Systems now has the direct opportunity to work with OpenMapTiles and develop new applications.»

Dr Jurry de la Mar
Account Director Global
Accounts & International Business
T-Systems International GmbH

Company info

Petr Pridal
Klokan Technologies GmbH / OctoGEO s.r.o.