Data in Use
Satellite data: Landsat 8, Sentinel-2, RapidEye, other high-resolution data Ancillary data: tide information, bathymetric data for calibration validation purposes.

Service summary
Mapping bathymetry worldwide would be desirable for many applications, but is not possible due to the limits of traditional methods. This idea focuses on a novel satellite-based approach as a solution for optical shallow waters. Recent developments indicate that a cloud-based infrastructure has the potential to map bathymetric data in an operational fashion with a method that processes repeated satellite recordings and mitigates shortcomings faced in turbid coastal areas.

Customer Benefit

  • Requires only a fraction (10-25%) of the usual costs
  • Rapid data access, processing
  • Extended areas can be mapped, even in remote and inaccessible areas
  • No field campaign management or local infrastructure required
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Other seafloor information as side product

The Expertise
«EOMAP provides an innovative way to ascertain underwater depth in coastal waters as a service for industry and the public sector. It can be made available on-demand anywhere in the world using the dynamic scalability of cloud computing, which could make costly methods using planes and ships obsolete.»

Dr Jurry de la Mar
Account Director
Global Accounts & International Business
T-Systems International GmbH

Thomas Heege and Team