People inhale and exhale 20,000 times a day. By default, they assume that the air breathe in is clean. According to WHO, 92% of the world’s population is exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution while cities are lacking targeted data to understand the issue.
Polisensio empowers decision makers of (smart) cities and businesses with outdoor air quality data and environmental intelligence, so they can act and fight air pollution. It is an easy to use tool, hardware and software solution, for cost-effective urban air pollution measuring, data collection and analytics, data visualisations.
By aggregating the Copernicus Sentinel 5 data with the ground readings provided by Polisensio’s network of moving sensors, forecasts, hyperlocalised heatmaps, simulations and insights are delivered to decision makers and the customers, via the web platform or API.

β-stage platform: heat-map feature, © Polisensio IVS – CVR 38182129


Customer benefits

The end product provides data-environmental intelligence, helping decision makers to act in real time in a targeted way over the short or long term. This can lead to savings in healthcare as fewer people will call in sick due to related diseases, but also better urban landscape and traffic planning.


“Polisensio combines strong technical knowledge, market experience, and a great team to meet the challenges of entering a young, competitive market like air pollution monitoring based on Earth observation data.” – Stefano La Terra Bella, Policy Officer, European Commission


Andrei Holban, Razvan Suta, Cosmin Pirvu