Wildlife Tracker is a user-interactive web application dedicated to marine life conservation. Users can connect marine wildlife tracking studies and display them in a realtime map animation. The online application also enables users to select eco-geographical layers from the Copernicus Marine Service to overlay the pathways of animals. The corresponding Earth Observation data can explain the preferred ecosystem conditions of wildlife. It also supports decision-makers in setting the boundaries of marine protected areas (MPAs) and planning activities that might affect the vital processes of delicate species. The ocean variables processed by the software are sea surface temperature, chlorophyll levels, primary production of phytoplankton, and oxygen concentration. The software includes a customisable monitoring alert system that notifies the user when wildlife has been caught accidentally by fishery nets and found on land. It also offers a function for annotating the time and location of wildlife with Earth observation layers. Finally, users can download annotated data, eco-geographical layers, and map animations in order to share them online.

gis4 wildlife movement analytics
Bryan Vallejo