RastLess – Serverless Visualisation and Analysis of Geospatial Data RastLess is a serverless application that enables visualisation and analysis of spatio-temporal raster data in a cost-efficient, scalable and sustainable way. It combines state-of-theart cloud technologies with cloud-native geospatial data formats. Serverless cloud architectures are the most modern means of cloud computing. The cloud provider takes care of the entire infrastructure, which makes RastLess a maintenance-free software application. Serverless architectures are based on a payper-use principle. This means that you only pay for the computation you need, making it very cost-effective. The serverless approach automatically scales to millions of users while preserving the speed of competing solutions. Thanks to the optimal use of the underlying computational infrastructure, fewer resources are needed, which makes the system more sustainable.
RastLess’ innovation makes it possible to analyse hundreds to thousands of raster images simultaneously within a few seconds. It also facilitates easy data management in handling all sorts of projections and resolutions.


“Rastless – The evolution of Copernicus programme implies huge increase in the volume of available Sentinel data. Rastless proposal by EOMAP demonstrated a unique proposition to introduce new ways of EO data processing using serverless architectures which can result in cutting infrastructure cost and improving Copernicus cloud productivity with potential to reduce the energy consumption and cutting down carbon emissions thus helping to transition EO sector to green digital economy.”
Anna Burzykowska, Copernicus Innovation Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)


Marcel Siegmann, Thomas Heege, Adam Roe