If humanity wants to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and thereby secure our continued wellbeing on this planet, companies need to take action and not only rely on countries and governments to do the job. Six of the ten largest global coffee brands have already committed to significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Meanwhile, almost 50% of the small-scale coffee farmers in the world live below the poverty line, with nearly 25% living off less than a dollar a day. Carble’s goal is to ensure that the coffee sector benefits everyone along the supply chain without putting excess stress on our planet.
Carble uses Earth observation data to help global coffee brands reduce their carbon footprint by rewarding coffee farmers for storing carbon in agroforestry farms in a measurable, scalable, and cost-effective way. This means that companies can achieve their goals in both climate protection and poverty reduction by making one single investment. By 2030, Carble aims to generate USD 1 billion in extra income for one million small-scale coffee farmers.

Sander Reuderink, Noura Hanna,
Lodewijk van der Meer