Saint James CAMINITO is a tool that was developed to study the evolution of a collection of pilgrimage routes throughout Europe that lead to the resting place of the Apostle Saint James in Galicia.
These routes are some of the most popular in Europe and an important source of income for the surrounding population. The CAMINITO tool uses SAR and multispectral imagery from the Copernicus satellites to identify sections along these routes that have been affected by vegetation overgrowth, landslides, and floods. This will enable the authorities responsible to dispatch maintenance units promptly to the precise locations in question.


“The winner of the Copernicus Masters Challenge ‘Monitoring of infrastructures and buildings’, Pablo Chedas Castro, valorises the uniqueness of a European historic, cultural and touristic heritage – the Way of St. James. By using Copernicus data, the project allows almost real-time monitoring of this long path and the discovery of problems of any kind in order to enable efficient maintenance to be carried out. The project is also an excellent example of the contribution by the European Commission objective to boost the competitiveness of the tourism sector through a digital transformation.”
Martina Sindelar, Policy Officer, DG DEFIS, European Commission (COM)


Pablo Chedas, Manuel Diz Folgar, Pedro Manuel Carro Parafita