is a web platform that aids the foundation and management of energy communities. It uses satellite-based predictive technology to forecast photovoltaic energy production based on the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS). The solution is based on the new EU directives that help address the mismatch between production and consumption curves in photovoltaic energy. This provides private households, municipalities, and SMEs with the option to trade electricity with each other, save on grid fees, get more independent, and reduce their costs. As a result, green electricity is generated and consumed locally. As the production of photovoltaic systems depends a great deal on weather conditions, the CAMS solar radiation nowcasting service is used to predict energy generation. This enables energy communities to optimise their energy consumption. The goal is to give every household the possibility to become part of an energy community with just a few mouse clicks. EnergyHood thus helps counter climate change and fight the problem of increased energy prices due to the geopolitical situation and delivery problems related to COVID-19.

Lukas Prenner