SATree Project is dedicated to the development of a forest management tool for remote tree species identification, vegetation mapping, and spatial distribution analysis, all of which helps avoid costly field work. It is a predictive model based on machine learning that is integrated in a geoinformation system. It operates in VISNIR spectra obtained from remote imagery from Sentinel-2 satellites (Copernicus, ESA) and a large set of spectra in a reference database built using both an optimised, selfdeveloped spectrophotometer and Sentinel-2 multispectral imagery. This project allows forest managers to take management decisions in a quick, unprecedented, and precise way for sustainable exploitation, conservation, or research. It is a simple, affordable, and fast solution that consists of a visual map containing a great deal of environmental and geographical content. There is also the possibility to interpret the temporal evolution of forests through series of images. SATRee will thus facilitate forest management and biodiversity monitoring while also lowering related costs.

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