Service summary

Fine wine is recognised as an alternative asset class, whose value is strictly related to its quality. Wine investors and distributors want early information on wine quality to make earlier and better investment decisions than their competitors. The total wine market value in 2015 reached EUR 28.3 billion.

The Saturnalia service collects, aggregates, and analyses data related to vine growth. It then uses this data to forecast wine quality and can do so for any region around the globe. At its core lies a system for automated retrieval and analysis of Sentinel-1 and -2 and environmental data over the areas of interest.

The service will let investors and Distributors access insights on wine quality indicators and their trends, as well as help vine growers to manage and care for their crops. The proposed solution is an advanced, smart combination of Earth observation and environmental data.

Customer Benefit 

Knowledge of wine quality before bottling is a key factor for wine investors and distributors to access the best prices and reduce investment uncertainty. For wine growers, Saturnalia offers constant monitoring of vine situation during the growing season and beyond.

The Expertise

«We were delighted that Saturnalia identified a new and innovative application of Sentinel Earth observation data to forecast wine quality. This could create a new market with the potential for global growth. The energy and creativity of the team shone through, impressing the judges and we are excited to support them on their journey.»

Cock Overbeek
Vice President Space

Company info

Daniele De Vecchi
Ticinum Aerospace